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by Aslaug Holm


A documentary about the close relationship between two brothers. Markus (14) and Lukas (11) live in an old, yellow townhouse in the middle of Oslo. The river runs close to their home. A paradise in the heart of a big city. Big trees growing into the sky, and the water dark and attractive beneath. Here the brothers grow up with their dreams and longings for the future. Markus loves soccer, and wants to be a professional. He has played soccer since he was five, and Liverpool is the only and best team. In the film we experience his struggle and passion for achieving his goals. Lukas is the philosophic one, and likes to think all kinds of thoughts. About the world, him self and what the all is about: 'Mummy, what happens with my dreams after I`m dead, will they still be alive?' This close and personal documentary is filmed by their mother. Aslaug Holm is both a director and photographer, and wants to go in to the childrens authentic world and discover the truth and original life. In a period of five years she is filming her boys, and the result will turn into a unique document about childhood and brotherhood and life, for a grown up audience.

international title: Brothers
original title: Brødre
country: Norway
year: 2015
genre: documentary
directed by: Aslaug Holm
film run: 101'
release date: NO 27/03/2015
cinematography by: Aslaug Holm, Kjell Vassdal
film editing: Aslaug Holm, Anders Teigen
music: John Erik Kaada
producer: Tore Buvarp
production: Fenris Film


main awards/selection

Zurich Film Festival 2015 
Moscow International Film Festival 2016 

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