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by Agustí Villaronga


Spain, 1937. Lluis is a soldier, a loner who doesn’t believe in the war he’s fighting. While stationed at an inactive posting, he falls madly in love with Carlana, a swindling landowner whose only thirst is for power. Carlana tricks him and tramples on Lluis’s self-esteem, dragging him into a downward spiral of passion, betrayal and humiliation that will have devastating consequences for everyone involved.

international title: Uncertain Glory
original title: Incerta glòria
country: Spain
sales agent: Film Factory Entertainment
year: 2017
genre: fiction
directed by: Agustí Villaronga
film run: 115'
release date: ES 17/03/2017
screenplay: Agustí Villaronga, Coral Cruz
cast: Marcel Borràs, Núria Prims, Bruna Cusí, Oriol Pla, Juan Diego, Terele Pávez, Fernando Esteso, Luisa Gavasa
cinematography by: Josep M. Civit
film editing: Raúl Román
art director: Ana Alvargonzález
costumes designer: Mercè Paloma
producer: Isona Passola
production: Massa D'Or Produccions



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