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by Dario Albertini


Manuel has just turned 18. It is time to leave the foster home where he has lived for the past years, after his mother went to prison. But the newfound freedom is bittersweet. Roaming the streets of his desolate neighborhood, alone with his hopes and fears, Manuel tries to leave the teenager behind and become a responsible adult. He must prove to the authorities that he can look after his mother if she is granted house arrest. Can he give her back her freedom, without losing his?

international title: Manuel
original title: Manuel
country: Italy
sales agent: Le Pacte
year: 2017
genre: fiction
directed by: Dario Albertini
film run: 97'
screenplay: Dario Albertini, Simone Ranucci
cast: Andrea Lattanzi, Francesca Antonelli, Renato Scarpa, Raffaella Rea, Giulia Elettra Gorietti, Giulio Beranek, Alessandro Di Carlo, Luciano Miele, Monica Carpanese, Alessandra Scirdi
cinematography by: Giuseppe Maio
film editing: Sarah McTeigue
art director: Alessandra Ricci
costumes designer: Virginia Barone
music: Ivo Parlati, Dario Albertini, Sarah McTeigue, Michael Brunnock
producer: Angelo Barbagallo, Matilde Barbagallo
production: BiBi Film
distributor: Le Pacte


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