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by Guillaume Gallienne


Maryline is an epic, that of a woman who has no words to defend. That of a girl who became an actress despite everything.

international title: Maryline
original title: Maryline
country: France
year: 2017
genre: fiction
directed by: Guillaume Gallienne
release date: FR 15/11/2017
screenplay: Guillaume Gallienne
cast: Adeline D'Hermy, Pascale Arbillot, Xavier Beauvois, Radivoje Bukvic, Lars Eidinger, Rebecca Finet, Celyn Jones, Elise Lissague, Vanessa Paradis, Sébastien Pouderoux, Barbara Probst
cinematography by: Christophe Beaucarne
film editing: Valérie Deseine
art director: Ludovic Guille
producer: Guillaume Gallienne, Cyril Colbeau-Justin, Sidonie Dumas, Jean-Baptiste Dupont
co-producer: Nadia Khamlichi, Adrian Politowski, Gilles Waterkeyn
executive producer: Yann Arnaud
production: LGM Productions, Umedia
distributor: Gaumont, Distri7

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