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by Rouzie Hassanova


Set in 1971, the film is telling the true story of a father, who walks 100 km to buy a radio for his rock’n roll obsessed son. Radiogram is about music, freedom and identity.

international title: Radiogram
original title: Radiogram
country: Bulgaria, Poland, Turkey
year: 2017
genre: fiction
directed by: Rouzie Hassanova
film run: 84'
cast: Alexander Hadjiangelov, Yana Titova, Aleksandar Aleksiev, Stefan Shterev, Alexander Ivanov, Stefan Mavrodiyev, Lubomir Petkashev, Vakrilena Kolakova
cinematography by: Kiril Prodanov
film editing: Natasha Westlake, Tymek Wiskirski
art director: Ivelina Mineva
costumes designer: Ivelina Mineva
producer: Gergana Stankova
co-producer: Stanisław Dziedzic, Muge Ozen, Klaudia Smieja
line producer: Bilyana Markova
production: Menclips, Film Produkcja, Solis Film
backing: Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme, Bulgarian National Film Center, Polish Film Institute, Bulgarian National Television

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