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by Eric Khoo


Masato is a young ramen chef in the city of Takasaki in Japan. After the sudden death of his emotionally distant father, he chances upon a suitcase of memorabilia and a red notebook – filled with musings and old photos – left behind by his Singaporean mother who died when he was just ten years old. Acting on a hunch, he takes off for Singapore with the notebook, hoping to piece together the story of his life, as well as that of his parents. There he meets Miki, a Japanese food blogger and single mother who helps him track down his maternal uncle Ah Wee, who runs a bak kut teh stall. Masato discovers that his grandmother Madam Lee is still alive, and that she holds the key to the tender yet turbulent love story of his parents. Masato and his grandmother try to heal each other’s broken soul, and find salvation in the kitchen where the meals they cook become more than the sum of their ingredients.

international title: Ramen Shop
original title: Ramen Teh
country: Singapore, Japan, France
sales agent: MK2
year: 2018
genre: fiction
directed by: Eric Khoo
film run: 89'
screenplay: Fong Cheng Tan, Kim Hoh Wong
cast: Takumi Saitoh, Seiko Matsuda, Jeanette Aw, Tsuyoshi Ihara, Tetsuya Bessho, Beatrice Chien
cinematography by: Brian Gothong Tan
film editing: Natalie Soh
art director: Aloysius Norman Benjamin, Kikuo Ohta
costumes designer: Meredith Lee, Junko Nishio
music: Kevin Mathews, Christine Sham
producer: Fong Cheng Tan, Junxiang Huang, Yutaka Tachibana
executive producer: Yutaka Tachibana, Bert Tan, Teck Lim
production: Zhao Wei Films (SG)

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