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by Félix Viscarret


Benito Lacunza, a mediocre trumpeter, returns to his hometown for his father’s burial. There he finds out that his kind brother Lalo, nicknamed ‘Ironman’ because of the sculptures he makes from recycled scrap iron, is going to marry. His fiancée is Nines, a single mother whom Benito knows from his adolescent partying sprees. Benito intends to rescue Lalo from Nines… but he stumbles upon Ainara, Nines’ daughter, a rebellious and introverted child, with whom Benito will end up developing an unusual friendship.

original title: Bajo las estrellas
country: Spain
year: 2007
genre: fiction
directed by: Félix Viscarret
film run: 107'
release date: ES 15/06/2007
screenplay: Félix Viscarret
cast: Alberto San Juan, Emma Suárez, Julián Villagrán, Violeta Rodríguez
cinematography by: Álvaro Gutiérrez
film editing: Ángel Hernández Zoido
music: Mikel Salas
producer: Cristina Huete
production: Fernando Trueba P.C.
distributor: Fernando Trueba P.C.

main awards/selection

Festival de Málaga 2007 Best Film
Best Direction
Best Actor (Alberto San Juan)
"Alma" Award for the Best Young Scriptwriter (Félix Viscarret)
Goyas Awards 2008 Best Actor (Alberto San Juan)
Best Adapted Screenplay

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