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by Luc Besson


Arthur is spending holidays with his family in Villa Granny when he receives a distress call from Princess Selenia, who is menaced by the nefarious Maltazard. Arthur has to help her.

original title: Arthur et la vengeance de Maltazard
country: France
year: 2009
genre: animation
directed by: Luc Besson
release date: DE 26/11/2009, BE 02/12/2009, FR 02/12/2009, GR 03/12/2009, HU 03/12/2009, DK/FI/NO/RO 04/12/2009, NL 09/12/2009, PT 10/12/2009, IT 08/01/2010, UK 05/02/2010, ES 19/02/2010
screenplay: Luc Besson, Céline Garcia
cast: Freddie Highmore, Penny Balfour, Robert Stanton, Ron Crawford, Mia Farrow, Matthew Gonder
cinematography by: Thierry Arbogast
art director: Hugues Tissandier
costumes designer: Olivier Beriot
music: Eric Serra
producer: Luc Besson, Stéphane Lecomte
production: EuropaCorp
distributor: EuropaCorp Distribution, Tobis (DE), Belga Films (BE), Moviemax (IT), Ro Image 2000 (RO), Scanbox (DK), Scanbox Finland, Euforia Film (NO), Independent Films (NL), Lusomundo (PT), DeAPlaneta (ES)

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