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by Jan Jakub Kolski


1953. At a small, closed station somewhere in the west of Poland, where Afonia and paralysed Rafał are recovering from the war, a Russian man, a former sports champion, arrives. He wants to discover secrets of Rafał, a former wrestler, which are hidden in his sketches. Afonia falls madly in love with him the stranger...

international title: Happy Afonia
original title: Afonia i pszczoly
country: Poland
year: 2009
genre: fiction
directed by: Jan Jakub Kolski
release date: PL 05/06/2009
screenplay: Jan Jakub Kolski
cast: Grażyna Blecka-Kolska, Mariusz Saniternik, Wojciech Solarz, Adam Sandurski, Dariusz Juzyszyn, Marta Scislowicz, Wiktoria Gasiewska, Wieslaw Rudzki
cinematography by: Krzysztof Ptak
film editing: Witold Chominski
art director: Michal Hrisulidis
costumes designer: Barbara Sikorska-Bouffal
producer: Lambros Ziotas, Witold Chominski, Krzysztof Story
production: Argomedia Production, Odra Film, Studio Filmowe Wrocław
distributor: Best Film

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