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by Luis Miñarro


An improvised film that meant to be a “family present”, suddenly becomes the chronic of a generation that disappears. It transfers in a oral way, the resonances of a country touched by Catholicism and the Spanish Civil War. A sober, unaffected film fulfilled of life sparks.

international title: Familystrip
original title: Familystrip
country: Spain
year: 2009
genre: fiction
directed by: Luis Miñarro
release date: FR 23/05/2012
screenplay: Luis Miñarro
cast: Maria Luz Albero Calvo, Francesc Miñarro Bermejo, Luis Miñarro, Francesc Herrero
cinematography by: Pablo García Pérez de Lara, Christophe Farnarier
film editing: Sergi Dies
producer: Luis Miñarro
production: Eddie Saeta

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