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by Christian Becker, Oliver Schwabe


The love story of a couple who developed their own specific survival strategies. Without a permanent home or steady job, they live in a self-made camp in the woods and simply use the municipal swimming pool, when they need to shower. Always short on cash, they make a living as providers of human services. They satisfy their employers’ desires. They give them, what they need or what they lack. When Jakob gets hired by a married couple to take on the role of their deceased son and, along the way, grows apart from Manu, their lifestyle is derailed.

international title: Tender Parasites
original title: Zarte Parasiten
country: Germany
year: 2009
genre: fiction
directed by: Christian Becker, Oliver Schwabe
film run: 87'
screenplay: Christian Becker, Oliver Schwabe
cast: Robert Stadlober, Sylvester Groth, Maja Schoene, Corinna Kirchhof
cinematography by: Oliver Schwabe
film editing: Christian Becker
art director: Katja Schloemer
music: Aurelio Valle
producer: Juliane Thevissen
production: RheinFilm GmbH
backing: Filmstiftung NRW, WDR

main awards/selection

Venezia 2009 Orizzonti

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