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by Lee Basannavar, Michael Tchoubouroff


Based on the graphic novel by Paul Tanter. Prequel to the 2008 film noir thriller Jack Says.

original title: Jack Said
country: United Kingdom
year: 2009
genre: fiction
directed by: Lee Basannavar, Michael Tchoubouroff
screenplay: Paul Tanter
cast: Danny Dyer, David O'Hara, Simon Phillips, Ashlie Walker, Terry Stone, Rita Ramnani, Julian Lee, Rebecca Keatley, Christopher Fosh, Steven Lawson, Emile Jansen, Daniel Roberts
cinematography by: Bob Komar
film editing: Richard Colton
art director: Sophie Wyatt
producer: Simon Phillips, Toby Meredith
production: Lucky Strike Productions, Kalimasu Productions
distributor: Studio Canal

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