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by Gilles de Maistre


Traumatised in his youth as a result of witnessing a fascist crime, Alain, a 25-year-old French Arab, has always felt guilty about not intervening. Now he wants to settle the score and decides to infiltrate the ranks of an extreme right-wing party.

international title: Ferocious
original title: Féroce
country: France
sales agent: M6 DA
year: 2001
genre: fiction
directed by: Gilles de Maistre
film run: 95'
release date: FR 17/04/2003
screenplay: Christophe raizon
cast: Samy Naceri, Jean-Marc Thibault, Bernard Le Coq, Claire Keim, Elsa Zylberstein
cinematography by: Thierry Deschamp
film editing: Brian Schmitt
art director: David D'aquaro
music: Joey Starr, DJ Spank
producer: Gilles de Maistre, Jérôme Cornau, Miguel Cortois
production: TetraMedia
distributor: Eurozoom

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