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by Miguel Alexandre


A 19-year-old paraplegic, whose dream is to reach the summit of the 'Gran Paradiso' in the Swiss Alps, joins an expedition comprising a group of young offenders.

original title: Gran Paradiso
country: Germany
year: 2000
genre: fiction
directed by: Miguel Alexandre
film run: 102'
release date: DE 9/11/2000
screenplay: Georg Heinzen
cast: Ken Duken, Regula Grauwiller, Frank Giering, Erhan Emre, Gregor Törzs
cinematography by: Peter Indergand
film editing: Inge Behrens
art director: Kirsten Garbade
costumes designer: Stefanie Bieker
music: Dominic Roth
producer: Henrik Meyer
co-producer: Hans Peter Clahsen, Michael F. Huse
distributor: Warner Bros Entertainment Germany, Warner Bros Entertainment Austria

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