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by Sylvain Monod


Jean is hospitalised for depression but feels so much better after three weeks that he decides to return home to his wife, Nicole. But he brings a microwave oven with him.

original title: Electroménager
working title: Entre la vie et l'amour
country: France
sales agent: The Bureau Sales
year: 2000
genre: fiction
directed by: Sylvain Monod
film run: 85'
release date: FR 14/03/2001
screenplay: Sylvain Monod, Nathalie Donnini
cast: Eric Elmosnino, Camille Japy, Isaac Sharry, Judith Rémy, Françoise Lebrun, Muriel Solvag
cinematography by: Olivier Guéneau
film editing: Laurent Roüan
art director: Mathieu Menut
costumes designer: Monic Parelle
music: Elie Paul Cohen
producer: Paulo Branco
production: Gémini Films
distributor: Gémini Films

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