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by Alain Cavalier


Conceived as a stimulus to help 340-pound actor Joël Lefrançois lose weight, Alain Cavalier's mockumentary balances his physical transformation with a fictional story about the existential crisis that strikes René (also Lefrançois), an actor from Rouen.

original title: René
country: France
sales agent: Pathé International
year: 2002
genre: fiction
directed by: Alain Cavalier
film run: 85'
release date: BE 4/12/2002, FR 4/12/2002
screenplay: Alain Cavalier
cast: Joël Lefrançois, Thomas Duboc, Guy-François Malbranche, Nathalie Grandcamp, Nathalie Malbranche
producer: Michel Seydoux
production: Caméra One
backing: Canal +
distributor: Pathé Distribution, Alternative Films

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