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by Sophie Fillières


A comedy of manners starring André Dussollier as a 50-year-old Don Juan who, despite being a neurotic mess, is unable to stop himself flirting with women. Then he meets the equally neurotic Marie-Pierre, nicknamed Aie…

international title: Ouch!
original title: Aie!
country: France
sales agent: Celluloid Dreams
year: 1999
genre: fiction
directed by: Sophie Fillières
film run: 103'
release date: FR 6/09/2000
screenplay: Sophie Fillières
cast: André Dussollier, Hélène Fillières, Emmanuelle Devos, Anne Le Ny, Alain Rimoux
producer: Martine Marignac, Maurice Tinchant
production: Pierre Grise Productions
backing: Canal +, Centre National de la Cinématographie (CNC)
distributor: Rezo Films, Les Films de L'Elysée

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