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by Fabio Segatori


A road movie from Las Vegas to LA by a young Italian couple turns into a terrifying plunge into an underworld of psychopaths, starlets, hitmen and junkies.

international title: Hollywood Flies
original title: Hollywood Flies
country: Canada, United Kingdom, Italy
sales agent: Peace Arch Films
year: 2005
genre: fiction
directed by: Fabio Segatori
release date: IT 25/11/2005
screenplay: Fabio Segatori, Roberto Scarpetti, Alessandro Fabri, Gino Ventriglia, Chiara Loudoni, Aldo Lado
cast: Bianca Guaccero, Brad Renfro, Vinnie Jones, Antonio Cupo, Caprice Bourret, Casper Van Dienpo
producer: Jamie Brown, Gary Howsam, Leo Pescarolo, Massimo Pacilio, Terence Potter, Jacqueline Quella, Charles Bloye, Pieter Kroonenburg
production: Studio Eight, Imago Films, Movieweb
backing: MiBAC
distributor: 01 Distribution

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