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by Tim Burton, Mike Johnson


Tim Burton's third stop-motion feature about Victor who, on the verge of marrying Victoria, finds himself intertwined with the Corpse Bride and carried off into the underworld.

international title: Corpse Bride
original title: Corpse Bride
country: United Kingdom, United States
sales agent: Warner Bros
year: 2005
genre: animation
directed by: Tim Burton, Mike Johnson
film run: 77'
release date: FR 19/10/2005
screenplay: John August, Caroline Thompson, Pamela Pettier
producer: Jeffrey Auerbach, Joe Ranft, Tim Burton, Alison Abbate
production: Warner Bros Entertainment United Kingdom
distributor: Medusa Film, Sandrew Metronome, Warner Bros., Warner Bros Entertainment Netherlands, Warner Bros Entertainment Germany, Sandrew Metronome, Warner Bros Entertainment France, Sandrew Metronome, Sandrew Metronome Distribution Finland Oy Ab, Warner Bros Entertainment Belgium, Warner Bros Entertainment Austria, Warner Bros Entertainment Ireland, Warner Bros Entertainment Sweden AB, Warner Bros Entertainment Polska Sp. z o.o.

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