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by Manfred Neuwirth


'Tibet Revisited' comprises 28 scenes from everyday life in Tibet; each scene is shot with a static camera, each individual "picture" being a narrative in its own right lasting a number of minutes. The 28 views (in wide-screen format with surround sound) are parts of thematic groups which illustrate the contradictions between a way of life significantly influenced by tradition and the obvious invasion of Tibet by modernism. A grandiose panorama of everyday life: a lesson in filmic concentration.

international title: Tibet Revisited
original title: Tibet Revisited
country: Austria
year: 2005
genre: documentary
directed by: Manfred Neuwirth
film run: 86'
screenplay: Manfred Neuwirth
producer: Manfred Neuwirth
production: Loop Media
distributor: Sixpack Film

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