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by Francisco J. Lombardi


After the death of her boyfriend, a young judge, Gabriela is horrified to discover that he had links with gay orgies. Obsessed with discovering the truth, she joins forces with journalist Angela, and they are plunged into the depths of corruption which exist in the upper echelons of society...

international title: Black Butterfly
original title: Mariposa negra
country: Peru, Spain
sales agent: Latinofusion
year: 2006
genre: fiction
directed by: Francisco J. Lombardi
film run: 118'
release date: ES 16/03/2007
screenplay: Giovanna Pollarolo
cast: Gustavo Taretto, Lluís Homar, Melania Urbina, Magdiel Ugaz, Yvonne Frayssinet, Wendy Vasquez, Liliana Trujillo
producer: Gustavo Sánchez, Pedro Pastor, Miriam Porté, Ramon Vidal, Piluca Baquero, José Luis Forteza
production: Fausto Producciones, Malvarrosa Media
backing: TVE, Televisio de Catalunya. INCA

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