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by Mårten Klingberg


In the small town of Stenfors, most of the residents are unemployed. When British ex-soccer star Duncan Miller shows up, there is suddenly hope for the future in terms of their local soccer team...

international title: Offside
original title: Offside
country: Sweden
year: 2005
genre: fiction
directed by: Mårten Klingberg
film run: 103'
release date: SE 18/08/2006
screenplay: Oskar Söderlund
cast: Jonas Karlsson, Anja Lundqvist, Ingvar Hirdwall, Göran Ragnerstram, Torkel Petersson, Brendan Coyle, Tina Nordlund
cinematography by: Mats Olofsson
film editing: Malin Lindström
costumes designer: Ulrika Wassén
music: Jean-Paul Wall
producer: Christer_Nilson
production: Götafilm, Sandrew Metronome Sverige AB, Sveriges Television AB - SVT, Film i Väst
distributor: Sandrew Metronome

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