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by Milko Manchevski


A young doctor must embark on a search for his true self in order to fulfil a task after a near-fatal road accident which leads him to an investigation of guilt and denied responsibilities.

international title: Shadows
original title: Senki
country: Macedonia, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Spain
sales agent: Bavaria Film International
year: 2006
genre: fiction
directed by: Milko Manchevski
film run: 120'
screenplay: Milko Manchevski
cinematography by: Fabio Cianchetti
film editing: Marty Levinstein, David Ray
art director: Kiril Spaseski
costumes designer: Elisabetta Montaldo
music: Ryan Shore
producer: Mariela Besuievski, Amedeo Pagani, Nermin Gladers, Dimitar Gochev, Gerardo Herrero, Martin Husmann, Robert Jazadžiski, Corinne Mehner, Emena Melamed, Thomas Woodrow
production: Camera Ltd, Blue Eyes Fiction, Classic Srl, Tornasol Films

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