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by Radoslaw Hendel


After a comatose young man regains consciousness and has no memory of his past, a nurse decides to care for him at home. There, his telepathic abilities alert him to a dark secret in the community who, as he becomes increasingly 'otherwordly', turn against him.

original title: Spam
country: Poland
year: 2004
genre: fiction
directed by: Radoslaw Hendel
film run: 84'
screenplay: Radoslaw Hendel
cast: Mariusz Ostrowski, Michal Rolnicki, Katarzyna Cynke, Ewa Pajak, Jan Peszek, Jerzy Karaszkiewicz
cinematography by: Adam Bajerski
film editing: Agnieszka Glinska
art director: Ireneusz Chojnacki
music: Tomasz Glinski
producer: Wojciech Rabiej
production: Wojciech Rabiej Films
distributor: Kino Świat

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