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by Mariusz Pujszo


A director persuades his friend to join him a get-rich-quick scheme by making a movie and duping beautiful women into paying to star in it...

international title: Polish Kitsch Project
original title: Polisz kicz projekt
country: Poland
year: 2003
genre: fiction
directed by: Mariusz Pujszo
film run: 80'
release date: PL 17/01/2003
screenplay: Mariusz Pujszo
cast: Mariusz Pujszo, Michal Aniol, Agata Dratwa, Sylwia Kaczmarek, Agnieszka Gasior, Zuzanna Korb, Dagmara Kurek
cinematography by: Consuella Tomon, Marcin Zakrzewski
film editing: Wojciech Mrówczynski
music: Krzesimir Debski, Radzimir Debski
producer: Bernard Rauber, Mariusz Pujszo, Wieslaw Layakowski, Nicolas Velle
production: Kurka Wodna Productions
distributor: Syrena Films

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