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by Maximilian Erlenwein


The story of a bank worker who, after seeing a disappointed client commit suicide before his eyes, completely turns his back on his routine existence.

international title: Gravity
original title: Schwerkraft
country: Germany
sales agent: Telepool
year: 2009
genre: fiction
directed by: Maximilian Erlenwein
film run: 95'
release date: DE 25/03/2010
screenplay: Maximilian Erlenwein
cast: Fabian Hinrichs, Jürgen Vogel, Nora von Waldstaetten, Jule Böwe, Jereon Willems, Thorsten Merten, Eleonore Weisgerber, Fahri Ögün Yardim
cinematography by: The Chau Ngo
film editing: Gergana Voigt
art director: Petra Albert
music: Jacob Ilija
producer: Alexander Bickenbach, Manuel Bickenbach
production: Frisbeefilms GmbH & Co. KG, Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF), Deutsche Film & Fernsehakademie Berlin (dffb), ARTE France
backing: German Federal Film Board (FFA), Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Mitteldeutsche Medienfoerderung
distributor: Farbfilm Verleih GmbH

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