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by Vincent Ostria


Muinski, a dealer, lives by night in a mysterious old city, together with Tô, a dying Asian man. Tired and short of clients, Muinski wants to stop and set up a bookshop but he starts to receive strange packages containing a black powder, an unknown drug… He tries it out. One evening, Muinski invites a few friends to his place for a party, after which his world is turned upside down. Under the influence of the drug, Muinski goes beyond the point of no return… But things aren’t as simple or as clear-cut as they seem.

original title: Crime
country: France
year: 2010
genre: fiction
directed by: Vincent Ostria
release date: FR 09/06/2010
screenplay: Vincent Ostria, Philippe Petit
cast: Philippe Petit, Eva Ionesco, Paul Nguyen, Cyril Aubin, Francois-Jacques Ossang
cinematography by: Emmanuelle Le Fur
producer: Bernard Cerf
distributor: L'Entrepôt

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