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by Antonio Capuano


The rise and fall of a family whose components are sworn members of the Camorra organised crime syndicate of Naples. A contemporary tragedy where the most terrible crime of all - the cold-blooded murder of an entire family - is committed because the youngest members of that family can see no other way out of the quagmire that is their life.

international title: Luna rossa
original title: Luna rossa
country: Italy
sales agent: Sharada
year: 2001
genre: fiction
directed by: Antonio Capuano
film run: 116'
release date: IT 12/10/2001, FR 24/09/2003
screenplay: Antonio Capuano
cast: Domenico Balsamo, Toni Servillo, Carlo Cecchi, Antonio Iuorio, Licia Maglietta, Antonio Pennarella
cinematography by: Tommaso Borgstrom
film editing: Luciana Pandolfelli
art director: Paolo Petti
costumes designer: Metella Raboni
music: Lelio De Tullio
producer: Andrea De Liberato
production: Poetiche Cinematografiche
distributor: Sharada, Boomerang Production (FR)



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