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by Coline Serreau


Malika, a young prostitute, is brutally attacked in the street by some thugs. Paul and Hélène, a conventional couple safe and secure in their locked car, look on. Overcome by remorse, Hélène then searches for the young woman and finds her lying in a coma in hospital. Hélène decides to look after Malika, thereby abandoning her husband and son. But the pimps who attacked Malika have no intention of letting her off the hook and soon Hélène finds herself caught up in a situation beyond her control.

international title: CHAOS
original title: CHAOS
country: France
sales agent: StudioCanal
year: 2001
genre: fiction
directed by: Coline Serreau
film run: 109'
release date: FR 03/10/01, CH 04/10/01, BE 10/10/01, NO 08/11/01, NL 13/03/03, IT 21/03/03, ES 20/06/03
screenplay: Coline Serreau
cast: Vincent Lindon, Catherine Frot, Rachida Brakni, Line Renaud, Aurélien Wiik
cinematography by: Jean-François Robin
film editing: Catherine Renault
art director: Michèle Abbe
costumes designer: Karen Serreau
music: Ludovic Navarre
producer: Alain Sarde
production: Les Films Alain Sarde, Eniloc
distributor: Bac Films, Frenetic (CH), Cinéart (BE), Oro Film (NO), A-Film Distribution (NL), 01 Distribution (IT), Vertigo Films (ES)



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