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by Charles de Meaux


After being suspended for illegal drug use, French racing jockey Christophe travels to Macau and hooks up with star trainer Way Way. He soon hits a winning streak, making fast money and fast friends, but finds himself caught in a dangerous web of crime and corruption.

original title: Stretch
country: France
sales agent: MK2
year: 2010
genre: fiction
directed by: Charles de Meaux
release date: FR 12/01/2011
screenplay: Charles de Meaux, Douglas Coupland
cast: Nicolas Cazalé, Fan Bing Bing, David Carradine, Nicolas Duvauchelle, Cédric Segeon, Pete Teo, John Aryananda, Lowell Lo, Patrick Teo, Yannick Foin
cinematography by: Gustavo Habda, Charles de Meaux
film editing: Guillaume Ledu, Charles de Meaux
costumes designer: Sandra Berrebi
music: Devendra Banhart, Ghostcat
producer: Charles Gillibert, Nathanaël Karmitz, Tiana Mille, Xavier Douroux, Charles de Meaux
production: MK2 Films, Canal+, ARTE France
backing: Centre National de la Cinématographie et de l'Image Animée, MEDIA Programme
distributor: MK2 Distribution

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