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by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo


Sam is a World War II concentration camp survivor who possesses the ability to steal, sell, or give away "good luck" to anyone he chooses. He steals luck from Federico, an earthquake survivor, who swears vengeance. Federico meets Tomas, a recent plane crash survivor, who just may be the man to help.

international title: Intacto
original title: Intacto
country: Spain
sales agent: Sogepaq
year: 2001
genre: fiction
directed by: Juan Carlos Fresnadillo
film run: 108'
release date: ES 09/11/2001, GR 08/11/2002, FR 15/01/2003, BE 05/03/2003, IT 28/03/2003, UK 11/04/2003, SE 09/05/2003, PT 06/06/2003, HU 17/07/2003, NL 21/08/2003, PL 22/08/2003
screenplay: Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, Andrés M. Koppel
cast: Leonardo Sbaraglia, Eusebio Poncela, Max von Sydow, Monica Lopez, Antonio Dechent
cinematography by: Xavier Jiménez
film editing: Nacho Ruiz Capillas
art director: César Macarrón
costumes designer: Tatiana Hernández
music: Lucio Godoy
producer: Sebastián Álvarez, Fernando Bovaira, Enrique López-Lavigne
production: Sogecine & Sogepaq (ifta)
distributor: Warner Bros Entertainment Spain, Metropolitan FilmExport (FR), Lady Film (IT), Budapest Film (HU), Independent Film (NL), Vision (PL)



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