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by Lucian Georgescu


American Professor Robert Traum takes a sabbatical and turns his back on a present without surprise, to live an adventure from the past. Back in the Old World, he researches the origins of his father and uncle, the famous Traum brothers: Rudolf, a famous novelist, and Samuel – once a notorious gangster in Chicago. While traveling through Transylvania and Bucovina Robert meets Tanya, a Government archivist. Together they find Sami, the last surviving family friend, a cinema projectionist who was chased out of his old movie theatre by a greedy local politician. While Robert helps Sami win his theatre, Sami gives Robert his identity back.

international title: The Phantom Father
original title: Tatal fantoma
country: Romania
year: 2011
genre: fiction
directed by: Lucian Georgescu
release date: RO 02/03/2012
cast: Marcel Iures, Mihaela Sârbu, Valer Dellakeza, Mihai Constantin, Mimi Branescu, Barry Gifford, Victor Rebengiuc, Mariana Mihuţ, Nicodim Ungureanu
cinematography by: Liviu Marghidan
film editing: John Riley, Ion Ioachim Stroe
art director: Gabriel Nechita
music: Johannes Malfatti
producer: Lucian Georgescu, Joachim von Vietinghoff
production: Generic Audiovizual SRL (GAV)
backing: CNC, MEDIA Programme, Mediacom, Starcom Media, Initiative Media, Media Direction
distributor: Transilvania Film

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