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by John Crowley


A couple break up briefly, sending ripples through the lives of everyone around them. Jilted wife plots revenge on her husband; three men team up for a daring kidnap-robbery.

original title: Intermission
country: Ireland
sales agent: Portman Film and Television
year: 2003
genre: fiction
directed by: John Crowley
release date: IE 29/08/2003
screenplay: Mark O'Rowe
cast: Colin Farrell, Kelly MacDonald, Cillian Murphy, Shirley Henderson, Colm Meaney
cinematography by: Ryszard Lenczewski
film editing: Lucia Zuchetti
art director: Tom Conroy
producer: Alan Moloney, Stephen Woolley, Neil Jordan
production: Parallel Films, Company of Wolves, Brown Sauce Film Productions
distributor: Buena Vista International UK

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