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by Denis Thybaud


Despite their total inexperience, three young rogues from the high-rise blocks decide to launch a protection business. Thanks to a 'mytho plan', they're employed to protect Marie Van Verten, a young, capricious and unpredictable woman and heiress to Belgium's largest fortune - and incidentally the target of over-trained killers. Will their capacity for improvisation be enough to save our heroes from the whole lot of trouble they've got themselves into?

original title: Les Mythos
country: France
year: 2011
genre: fiction
directed by: Denis Thybaud
release date: FR 13/07/2011, BE 20/07/2011
screenplay: Samir Oubechou, Chérif Sais, Béatrice Fournera
cast: Stéphanie Crayencour, Ralph Amoussou, Alban Ivanov, William Lebghil, Charlie Dupont, Renaud Rutten, Emeline Bayart, Momo Debbouze
cinematography by: Michel Taburiaux
film editing: Yves Beloniak
art director: Sébastien Inizan
music: Karen Brunon
producer: Frédéric Dantec, Yann Gilbert
distributor: StudioCanal, Cinéart

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