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by Dominique Maillet


The story of Thomas is that of a man alone returning to a country almost unknown to him. It is his country, a place where ancient hatreds and vengences stew and brew, over and over again. After fifteen years of exile, Thomas returns "home" to bury his father, a republican fighter right from the start who was captured by Franco's regime and who has recently died in prison.

international title: La Mémoire dans la chair
original title: Flesh Memories
country: France, Spain
year: 2010
genre: fiction
directed by: Dominique Maillet
film run: 104'
release date: FR 15/02/2012
screenplay: Dominique Maillet, Jacques Fieschi
cast: Sergio Peris-Mencheta, Féodor Atkine, Diana Palazón, Julia Molkhou, Serge Riaboukine, Carlos Álvarez-Nóvoa, María Alfonsa Rosso, Luisa Gavasa
cinematography by: Emmanuel Machuel
film editing: Frédéric Kastler
art director: Vicente Mateu
costumes designer: Donatella dell’Arche, Evelyne Tomlinson
music: Quentin Damamme
producer: Albert Beurier
production: Albert Beurier Productions
distributor: Kanibal Distribution

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