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by Rudolph Straub


Tom, a young screenwriter, meets Jane on the internet. She doesn't divulge much about her life. When Jane agrees to send him some photos he invents a number of dark, funny and absurd episodes of her life, based on the pictures. Suddenly Jane steps out of the game – she breaks all ties. Months later, when he finds her by accident in an obscure private club in Paris where Jane is a singer, Tom decides to save her.

original title: Counting My Days
country: Switzerland, France
year: 2011
genre: fiction
directed by: Rudolph Straub
film run: 76'
screenplay: Rudolph Straub
cast: Merlin Leonhardt, Alexandra Prusa, Martin Huber, Béla Blezinger, Ernst Buchmüller, Manolo, Jacques Bérvillé, Rudolph Straub, Mark Blezinger, Jean-Michel Dagory, Alexia Papineschi
cinematography by: Mark Blezinger
film editing: Mark Blezinger, Daniel Gibel
art director: Rudolph Straub, Mark Blezinger
costumes designer: Marion Hauer, Rudolph Straub
music: Roman Glaser, Leandro Aconcha, Nicolas Richard
producer: Nasser Bakhti
production: Troubadour Films, Celest Production Sarl, Béla Compagnie
distributor: Praesens Film AG

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