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by Hendrik Handloegten


Juliane's happiness seems perfect. She is head over heals in love and has just begun a new life with August. One morning, however, she wakes up to find that she has been unexplainable thrown back into her past - to the time before she met her new love. Is what seems at first glance a cruel setback in reality actually a second chance?

international title: Summer Window
original title: Fenster zum Sommer
country: Germany, Finland
sales agent: TrustNordisk
year: 2011
genre: fiction
directed by: Hendrik Handloegten
release date: DE 03/11/2011
screenplay: Hendrik Handloegten
cast: Nina Hoss, Mark Waschke, Lars Eidinger, Fritzi Haberlandt, Lasse Stadelmann, Susanne Wolff, Barbara Philipp, Barbara Schnitzler, Ernst Stötzner
cinematography by: Peter Przybylski
film editing: Elena Bromund
art director: Yesim Zolan
costumes designer: Anette Guther
producer: Maria Köpf, Lucas Schmidt, Andreas Schreitmüller, Anne Even, Liisa Penttilä
production: Zentropa International Berlin, Edith Film OY, Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF), ARTE Deutschland, YLE
distributor: Prokino Filmverleih Gmbh

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