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by Maja Milos


Jasna is a high school student who lives with parents and little sister in a dilapidated residential building in Belgrade suburbs. Jasna refuses to take any part in household chores and ignores her mother’ pleas for help with the probably terminally ill father. Jasna seems to be interested only in an endless stream of parties where she drinks excessively and takes drugs with her girlfriends to the sound of turbo-folk. The girls dress over-sexually, and take pictures of themselves in lascivious poses, wearing next to nothing, and post them on Facebook. Jasna is in love with in Djole, an older, aloof but violent boy from her school. Djole makes her act like his private porn star. Jasna would do anything for him, and often it is her who initiates these sexual escapades, which they always film with mobile phones. Internet sex tapes of underage girls have been around for a long time now, and clearly this is what inspired Miloš.

international title: Clip
original title: Klip
country: Serbia
year: 2012
genre: fiction
directed by: Maja Milos
film run: 100'
release date: SE 02/11/2012, PL 11/01/2013, FR 17/04/2013
screenplay: Maja Milos
cast: Isidora Simijonovic, Vukasin Jasnic, Monja Savic, Jovo Maksic, Sanja Mikitisin, Jovana Stojiljkovic
cinematography by: Vladimir Simic
art director: Zorana Petrov
costumes designer: Senka Kljakic, Marijana Radovic, Monika Ratkovic
producer: Srdan Golubovic, Jelena Mitrović
distributor: KMBO, Tongariro Releasing, Njutafilms


main awards/selection

International Film Festival Rotterdam 2012
Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema (BAFICI) 2012
Vilnius International Film Festival 2012
Karlovy Vary Film Festival 2012
Transylvania International Film Festival 2012
New Horizons Film Festival 2012
Toronto International Film Festival 2012
Zagreb Film Festival 2012
Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2012
Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival 2012
Dublin Film Festival 2013
Discovery Zone Film Festival Luxembourg 2013

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