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by Mel Smith


When two London girls overhear a heist happening in their neighbourhood, they devise a seemingly fail-safe plan to blackmail the bank-robbing gang. But when one phone call pitches them deep into a criminal underworld, events spiral out of control and the girls realise they have taken on more than they could ever have bargained for.

original title: HIGH HEELS AND LOW LIFES
country: United Kingdom, United States
sales agent: Buena Vista International
year: 2000
genre: fiction
directed by: Mel Smith
film run: 85'
release date: DE 30/05/2002, PT 10/05/2002, BE 16/01/2002, FR 21/11/2001, UK 20/07/2001
screenplay: Georgia Pritchett, Kim Fuller
cast: Minnie Driver, Mary McCormack, Kevin McNally, Michael Gambon
cinematography by: Steve Chivas
film editing: Chris Bhundon
music: Charlie Mole
producer: Uri Fruchtmann, Barnaby Thompson
production: Fragile Films, Touchstone Pictures (USA)
distributor: Buena Vista International UK, Gaumont Buena Vista International (FR), Buena Vista International (DE), Buena Vista International (IT), Lusomundo (PT)

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