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by Valerie Gaudissart


One night Violette, 11 years and 3 months old, takes off. In her bundle, a few chocolate biscuits, an urn containing her beloved, communist grandmother's ashes, and a book: Rosa Luxemburg: Letters from Prison. The letters of Rosa, her Rosa, that great, great, great German revolutionary, murdered in 1919, with whom Violette feels a direct connection. She'll therefore walk in her footsteps, take slow night trains, go further and further into Eastern Europe, and try, with the carefree nature of a child and her precious book, to change the world in her own way.

original title: Ich bin eine terroristin
country: France, Poland, Germany
year: 2010
genre: fiction
directed by: Valerie Gaudissart
release date: FR 06/06/2012
screenplay: Valerie Gaudissart, Cécile Vargaftig
cast: Mathilde Besse, Huguette Besse, Benoît Giros
cinematography by: Claire Mathon
film editing: Benoît Alric, Sophie Vincendeau
music: Morton Potash
producer: Juliette Grandmont
production: Clandestine Films
distributor: Kanibal Distribution

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