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by Franck Gastambide


Mousten, Abdelkrim and Momo have been friends since childhood and have always lived in the high-rise blocks of Melun. Caps pulled down over their eyes and high-tops on their feet, all three suffer from the same problem: desperately single, and lacking motivation and ambition, they spend their time letting their lives slip by. Until the day they discover an auditions advertisement in a porn magazine. From their standpoint of no girls and no money, being a porn star seems like the best job in the world. However, it will transform into a journey of initiation and become the most important adventure in their lives.

original title: Les Kaïra
country: France
sales agent: Gaumont
year: 2011
genre: fiction
directed by: Franck Gastambide
release date: FR 04/07/2012, BE 04/07/2012
screenplay: Franck Gastambide
cast: Franck Gastambide, Medi Sadoun, Jib Pocthier, Alice Belaïdi, Pom Klementieff, Ramzy Bedia, Demon One, Kafka, Annabelle Lengronne
cinematography by: Antoine Marteau
film editing: Véronique Parnet
costumes designer: Sandra Berrebi
producer: Eric Altmayer, Nicolas Altmayer
production: Mandarin Productions / Mandarin Cinéma
distributor: Gaumont Distribution, Belga Films SA



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