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by Sophie Lellouche


A young french pharmacist, who is totally obsessed with Woody Allen, is still single in her 30s. Her family is so worried that they are hoping a man will “cure” her of her unhealthy obsession. But she keeps pushing him away. Maybe the best medicine for her would be to meet her “mentor”…

original title: Paris - Manhattan
country: France
sales agent: SND (Société Nouvelle de Distribution) International - Groupe M6
year: 2011
genre: fiction
directed by: Sophie Lellouche
film run: 77'
release date: FR 18/07/2012, CH 18/07/2012, BE 18/07/2012, DE 04/10/2012, PL 05/10/2012, IT 08/11/2012, GB 05/07/2013, ES 28/11/2014
screenplay: Sophie Lellouche
cast: Alice Taglioni, Patrick Bruel, Marine Delterme, Louis-Do de Lencquesaing, Michel Aumont, Marie-Christine Adam, Yannick Soulier, Margaux Chatelier, Arsène Mosca, Gladys Cohen, Julie Martel, Jacques Herlin, Ennasri Khereddine, Woody Allen
cinematography by: Laurent Machuel
film editing: Monica Coleman
art director: Philippe Lévêque
costumes designer: Fabienne Katany
music: Jean-Michel Bernard
producer: Philippe Rousselet
production: Vendôme Production, France 3 Cinéma, SND (Société Nouvelle de Distribution) Films
distributor: SND (Société Nouvelle de Distribution) Films, Praesens Film AG, Victory Productions, Senator Filmverleih, ITI Cinema, Archibald Entreprise Film SRL, Cinefile World

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