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by HPG


Hervé is a loner who lives only for his self-defence classes. Sacked from the zoo where he works because he makes the animals depressed, he becomes a night watchman in a factory where, to stave off boredom, he spies on his colleague and the latter’s wife who sells her body with her husband’s blessing. Marion is a pretty woman willing to do anything to have a child. One evening she meets a female nurse who falls in love with her, promising her both love and pregnancy, even if she has to steal from a sperm bank. Marion and Hervé, both seeking happiness, find their lives intersecting in a hospital corridor.

international title: Hip Moves
original title: Les Mouvements du bassin
country: France
year: 2012
genre: fiction
directed by: HPG
release date: FR 26/09/2012
screenplay: HPG
cast: Eric Cantona, Jérôme Le Banner, Marie D'estrées, Joana Preiss, HPG, Rachida Brakni
cinematography by: Reza Serkanian
film editing: Isabelle Prim
art director: Vanessa Ailleaume
production: Capricci Films, Hpg Production

main awards/selection

Locarno Film Festival 2012Concorso Cineasti del presente

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