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by Bart Layton


The documentary reconstructs the tale of a young boy who pretends to be the missing son of a North American family. Although he has brown hair instead of blond, is French and ten years older than the child who disappeared, the family accepts him.

international title: The Imposter
original title: The Imposter
country: United Kingdom
sales agent: Protagonist Pictures
year: 2012
genre: documentary
directed by: Bart Layton
film run: 95'
release date: IE 24/08/2012, GB 24/08/2012, SE 12/10/2012, DK 18/10/2012, SE 26/10/2012, NL 28/02/2013, FR 17/04/2013
cinematography by: Lynda Hall, Erik Wilson
film editing: Andrew Hulme
music: Anne Nikitin
producer: Dimitri Doganis
production: Raw, Red Box Films, Passion Pictures
distributor: Picturehouse Entertainment, Diaphana Distribution, Imagine, Avalon


main awards/selection

Sundance Film Festival 2012 
Edinburgh Film Festival 2012 
Zurich Film Festival 2012 
CPHDOX Festival 2012 
Warsaw Film Festival  
Zagrebdox 2013 

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