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by Lúcia Murat


Diogo is a cartographer and artist who is encharged to set the new frontiers of Portuguese Colonies in South America. When he reaches the center of the continent, finds apparently nothing but wilderness and 'uncivilized' natives with strange ways of living. But Captain Pedro, the rude scout who guides him through the jungle, involves Diogo in an involuntary act of violence.

international title: Brave New Land
original title: Brava gente brasileira
country: Portugal, Brazil
year: 2001
genre: fiction
directed by: Lúcia Murat
film run: 104'
release date: PT 01/02/02
screenplay: Lúcia Murat
cast: Diogo Infante, Floriano Peixoto, Luciana Rigueira, Leonardo Villar, Buza Ferraz, Murilo Grossi, Sérgio Mamberti
cinematography by: Antonio Luiz Mendes
film editing: Mair Tavares, Cezar Migliorin
art director: Shell Jr.
costumes designer: Inês Salgado
music: Livio Trachtenberg
producer: Lúcia Murat
production: Costa do Castelo Filmes, BigDeni Filmes (BR), Quanta Centro de Produções (BR), Skylight Cinema Foto Art (BR), Riofilme (BR), Taiga Filmes e Vídeo (BR)
distributor: Victoria Filmes, Riofilme (BR)

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