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by Mani Maserrat Agah


This is a story of Ida and Krister. It's about a relationship that goes to hell. They are both crazy in love but manage to strangle the supply of oxygen and adapt to each other in a way that will lead to catastrophic consequences.

international title: Us
original title: Vi
country: Sweden
sales agent: The Yellow Affair
year: 2013
genre: fiction
directed by: Mani Maserrat Agah
film run: 92'
release date: SE 10/05/2013
screenplay: Jens Jonsson
cast: Gustav Skarsgård, Rebecca Ferguson
cinematography by: Johan Helmer
film editing: Lars Gustafson
art director: Agustín Moreaux
costumes designer: Anna Wahlin
producer: Sandra Harms, Jens Jonsson, Mani Maserrat Agah
production: Sonet Film AB
distributor: Svensk Filmindustri AB
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