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by Bodo Kox


This intimate tale of Jacek and his brother Tomek takes place in a claustrophobia-inducing prefab apartment building – part of a housing estate still bearing traces of socialism. One day Tomek, who has savant syndrome, gets to know his mysterious neighbor Magda.

international title: The Girl from the Wardrobe
original title: Dziewczyna z szafy
country: Poland
year: 2013
genre: fiction
directed by: Bodo Kox
film run: 90'
release date: PL 14/06/2013
screenplay: Bodo Kox
cast: Wojciech Mecwaldowski, Piotr Glowacki, Magdalena Rózanska, Eryk Lubos, Teresa Sawicka, Olga Boladz, Magdalena Popławska, Sebastian Stankiewicz
cinematography by: Arkadiusz Tomiak
film editing: Milenia Fiedler
art director: Andrzej Haliński
costumes designer: Katarzyna Adamczyk
music: Joanna Halszka Sokolowska, Filip Zawada
producer: Wlodzimierz Niderhaus
production: WFDiF - Wytwórnia Filmów Dokumentalnych i Fabularnych
backing: Polish Film Institute
distributor: Kino Świat

main awards/selection

Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2013 
Gdynia Polish Film Festival 2013 

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