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by Hattie Dalton


The story of four young men, friends since childhood, who take an ill-advised camping trip to the farthest reaches of the West Wales coast. James has been diagnosed with a terminal illness so he and his friends know that the trip will be their last together. They use it both as an opportunity to experience the joy of a group adventure and to resolve the latent tensions that affect the group. The results are touching and funny, leaving an enduring sense of the courage and the dignity to be found in James and the beauty to be found in the friendship between him and the three other men.

original title: Third Star
country: United Kingdom
sales agent: Independent Film Company
year: 2010
genre: fiction
directed by: Hattie Dalton
film run: 92'
release date: GB 20/05/2011
screenplay: Vaughan Sivell
cast: Tom Burke, Benedict Cumberbatch, JJ Feild, Adam Robertson, Hugh Bonneville, Rupert Frazer, Helen Griffin, Karl Johnson
cinematography by: Carlos Catalan
film editing: Peter Christelis
producer: Vaughan Sivell, Kelly Broadalls
co-producer: Margaret Matheson, Pauline Burt, Nigel Thomas, Charlotte Walls
production: Western Edge Picture Ltd


main awards/selection

Edinburgh Film Festival 2010 
Zurich Film Festival 2010 
Warsaw Film Festival 2010 
São Paulo International Film Festival 2010 
Turin Film Festival 2010 

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