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by Alfonso Cuarón


Astronauts attempt to return to Earth after debris crashes into their space shuttle, leaving them drifting alone in orbit.

international title: Gravity
original title: Gravity
country: United States, United Kingdom
year: 2013
genre: fiction
directed by: Alfonso Cuarón
film run: 90'
release date: DE 03/10/2013, IT 03/10/2013, NL 03/10/2013, ES 04/10/2013, IS 18/10/2013, GB 18/10/2013, FR 23/10/2013, PT 24/10/2013, BE 30/10/2013, DK 07/11/2013, GR 07/11/2013, SE 08/11/2013
screenplay: Alfonso Cuarón, Jonás Cuarón
cast: Sandra Bullock, George Clooney
cinematography by: Emmanuel Lubezki
film editing: Alfonso Cuarón, Mark Sanger
art director: Mark Scruton
costumes designer: Jany Temime
music: Steven Price
producer: Alfonso Cuarón, David Heyman
production: Heyday Films, Warner Bros. Pictures
distributor: Warner Bros Entertainment France, Medusa Film

main awards/selection

Venice 2013 Out of competition (Opening Film)

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