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by Caroline Link


The tense relationship between seventeen-year-old Ben and his father Heinrich, an internationally acclaimed stage director. During school holidays, Ben visits Heinrich, who is in Marrakesh with a play at an international theater festival. They travel through vast and spectacular landscapes. Ben, who has not seen his father for a very long time, has a falling out with him but falls in love with Karina, a Moroccan girl. He disappears from their hotel room and accompanies her to a remote village in the Atlas Mountains. After not hearing from Ben, Heinrich decides to search for him. Reunited, Ben and Heinrich set out on a journey through Marrakesh and end up in a life-threatening situation that may be their very last chance to connect as father and son...

international title: Exit Marrakech
original title: Exit Marrakech
country: Germany
sales agent: ARRI Media Worldsales
year: 2013
genre: fiction
directed by: Caroline Link
film run: 123'
release date: DE 24/10/2013, AT 25/10/2013, CH 07/11/2013
screenplay: Caroline Link
cast: Ulrich Tukur, Samuel Schneider, Hafsia Herzi, Josef Bierbichler, Marie-Lou Sellem
cinematography by: Bella Halben
film editing: Patricia Rommel
art director: Susann Bieling
costumes designer: Barbara Grupp
producer: Peter Herrmann, Rodolphe Buet
production: Desert Flower Filmproductions
distributor: StudioCanal Germany

main awards/selection

Munich Film Festival 2013 

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